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Our Founder

Dr. French A. Jones

We are setting out to stretch the horizons of counseling and technology in order to supplement missionary member care and support our Savior’s call in the great commission.

Dr. French Jones
Founder and Director

Our Team


Christopher Taylor

Our Director of Operations and chief organizer. Chris handles the business so the counselors can counsel. If you have any questions he’s the one to talk to

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Della Vaughan

Our head counselor and overall rockstar, she works with our more at-risk missionaries.

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four ways to help us


If you have some time during your regular routine we would greatly appreciate a prayer for our organization and for the missionaries we serve.


We need help in all kinds of ways. If you or someone you know would like to volunteer a few hours each week, we welcome the support. Contact us.


It’s no secret, non-profits need donations. A small donation of just $20 provides a counseling session for a missionary overseas.

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We need your help! Contact us to learn how you can help serve. We have a lot going on in our daily operations;  we welcome and appreciate your help. Contact us.