Press On!


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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
On November 3, my husband, Mark, shared the song, “Press On” with our Tuesday night English class—in hopes it would minister to someone in the class, and it did!! It ministered to – you guessed it – yours truly!!!

That day had been so difficult for Mark and me. His limitation of not being able to drive had created a situation where he was unable to help me in that way. I so love caring for my wonderful husband, which also means driving him around in São Paulo. Believe me when I say driving in this city is no easy task. Definitely not for the faint of heart. On that November day, the rain drizzled and the windows refused to defrost, which made it nearly impossible for me to see the slick roads. I knew God’s angels were working overtime!!

In addition, our son, Justin, had been sick with a nasty bug, so he was out of commission. I’ve been through many trials in my life, but I have to admit this one was one of the most difficult to endure. I’m certain that for Mark it’s been equally hard, not only because he can’t drive himself, but also because he has to brave the traffic filled roads with me at the helm! Through all of it, he’s been a trooper, my sweet hubby.

This too shall pass, Baby … but until it does, hang on tight! I’ll try to miss all the humongous pot holes, be careful not to hit the motorcycles that weave through the traffic, and watch out for the countless speed bumps that resemble hardened sand dunes!

I’m pressing on! And doing so with courage in my heart. I’ve got two things going for me. A God who goes before and behind me, and a husband who makes me feel braver than I am, and loved more with each and every mile.

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